List Of Top 100+ Quotes By Apostle Joshua Selman

Quotes By Apostle Joshua Selman

Apostle Joshua Selman is one of the Greatest (Prophets) of the 21st Century.

His Sermons are quite great and powerful , share these quotes below and note that this page will always be updated with his latest Quote and Talks.

Enjoy some of the latest Quotes by Apostle Joshua Selman:

Don’t sympathize with people too much to rob them of having a track record.Apostle Joshua Selman
Money is not the only thing you give, you can give prayers and support.
Quote #3
The pain obtained from the place of failure will preserve you when you are successful.
The season in the life of every man is the season of appearing based on the law of time and chance.Apostle Joshua Selman
You don’t move forward looking down, you lift up your eyes.Apostle Joshua Selman
Be careful of offenses, they can rob you of your harvest.Apostle Joshua Selman
The delays that are happening in our lives require a rapid lifting to catchup.Apostle Joshua Selman
No matter how big or small a seed is, it will still die because a seed is a seed.Apostle Joshua Selman
If we are honest, the pressures of life can change our perception that we would have to ask God for forgiveness.
Many never become great in their lives because their cultural experiences are greater than their revelation of who God is.Apostle Joshua Selman
Why many of us don’t get results is because our faith is not in God but in men.Apostle Joshua Selman
We neglect the word of God yet we want performance.Apostle Joshua Selman
  • In this kingdom, there is no advantage to your life until the word comes.
  • When you see people doing extraordinary exploits don’t say they are lucky but cause they believed.
  • Your destiny will only happen by faith.
  • Everything in your life is a risk, the only guarantee is faith.
  • It takes faith to build a house not cement.
  • God produces glory out of foolish and stupid things.
The knowledge of God is what strengthens your conviction about operating in the kingdom.

1. The epicenter of dominion is wealth.

2. One of the keys of great people is their disloyalty to any information that does not produce results.

3. The world celebrates and rewards men of value.

4. We win in life by strategies.

5. Genuine knowledge brings liberation.

6. The proof of your unattachement to things is your willingness to let them go.

7. Action is the bridge between problems and testimonies.

8. The true secret of success lies in your understanding of kingdom mysteries.

9. You become a physical reflection of your most dominant thoughts.

10. Challenges are a proof that your current mental state has stretched its capacity.

11. The pain obtained from the place of failure Will preserve your success.

12. Every dimension of greatness has a price to be paid.

13. Kingdom wealth are resources that facilitate Kingdom advancement.

14. Through prosperity shall God’s agenda be spread abroad.

15. Something you do not know is responsible for your limitation.

16. When you achieve your desired result, it signifies an accurate application of Kingdom Principles.

17. Desire sponsors pursuit and pursuit grants access to whatever you desire.

18. It is risky to not know how to respond to life-threatening challenges.

19. The hardest person to help is a man who is resistant to change.

20. Nothing changes by itself. Time does not impact knowledge, it only reveals.

Quotes By Apostle Joshua Selman

1. Spiritual growth is not determined by your longevity in the Christian Faith or regularity in church.

2. The display of the gifts of the Spirit is never an accurate measure of Spiritual growth.

3. The only entity capable of making men know God is the Holy Spirit.

4. Worship is a ladder in the Spirit. We can use it to ascend dimensions in the Spirit.

5. If Worship did not change you then you did not worship.

6. worshipper is not a musician or a singer. He is someone who understands the dynamics of hosting God.

7. God is glorified in Kingdom advancement and not in denominationalism.

8. The infinite wisdom of God is engaged by praying in the Spirit.

9. The level of your walk with God reflects in your love for people.

10. Impartation is the transference of possibilities.

11. A spiritual man is one who places utmost value on God’s Word.

12. The Spirit life requires that your desiresappetites and ambitions come under the submission of God’s Will.

Apostle Joshua Selman Quotes

Quotes On Mentorship By Apostle Joshua Selman

1. The primary purpose of authority is Provision, Protection and Promotion.

2. To be successful, you must submit to God’s scriptural chain of authority.

3. You reproduce the grace at work when you’re genuinely connected.

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Quotes Apostle Joshua Selman

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