10+ Steps: Send Prayer Request To Pastor Adeboye , Prayer Line , Phone Number

Pastor Adeboye
Pastor Adeboye

Pastor E A Adeboye is the founder of RCCG , he was born on 2 March 1942 (age 77 years) , Send a Prayer Request using his Official Prayer Line , Phone Number:

Pastor Adeboye
Pastor Adeboye

10+ Steps To Send a Prayer Request To Pastor Adeboye:

1. You can send a prayer request to Pastor Adeboye using his official phone number which is +2348141786285

2. There is a General prayer line for Pastor Adeboye which everybody is using to send a prayer request to the man of God, you can make use of it +2348051769284.

3. Some of you will like to send their own prayer request through mail or Postal service, please make use of the address below: REDEMPTION CAMP, KM 46 Lagos-Ibadan Express Way, Ogun State, Nigeria

4. Pastor E A Adeboye will also accept your prayer request if you can send it through his official email address contact@eaadeboye.com.

5. You can also visit him in his office by checking on him at his church headquarters in Ogun State.

6. Note that there is not time to send a prayer request to PstĀ  Adeboye , your prayer request is accepted anytime.

7. Don’t use the contact details below for unofficial things , please make your intentions official.

8. While sending a prayer request to Pst E A Adeboye , please don’t expect a reply from the man of God , but always note that your prayer request will be worked on.

9. You can visit any of the Sunday Church services to submit your own prayer request.

10. May God hear your prayers as you submit a prayer request to Pastor E.A Adeboye

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