10+ Best Facts: Biography Of Kai Michelle Carter , Age , Height

Kai Michelle Carter
Kai Michelle Carter

Kai Michelle Carter was born on June 1 2005 (14 Years), Her parents are Vince Carter and Ellen Rucker , Age , Height , High School , Wikipedia and other facts below:

Kai Michelle Carter
Kai Michelle Carter

10+ Best Facts About Kai Michelle Carter:

1. Kai Michelle Carter is the daughter of American professional basketball player Vince Carter.

2. She is 1.2m in height and slim in body structure.

3. She is a high school student, with Great grades.

4. On June 1 2005 , She was born in United States , Currently Kai Michelle is 14 Years old.

5. According to online updates , she is very intelligent and brilliant , her hobbies includes reading , travelling and singing.

6. She is a devoted Christian.

7. She is not married and not news of boyfriend has been recorded for her , since she is still a teen.

8. She is well known in her school for motivational and inspirational talks.

9. Kai Michelle Carter’s dream is to become a professional medical doctor.

10. She is the only recorded daughter of her parents.

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