10+ Great Facts: Biography Of Dr. Anita Phillips , Books , Sermons.

Dr. Anita Phillips
Dr. Anita Phillips

Dr. Anita Phillips is a therapist Born on October 17th 1983 (36 Years) , Books , Sermons , Church , Age and other things about her listed below:

Dr. Anita Phillips
Dr. Anita Phillips

10+ Great Facts About Dr. Anita Phillips:

1. She is a therapist, mental health advocate, life coach, and minister dedicated to encouraging, educating, and empowering communities.

2. she has spent her career guiding others in the pursuit of spiritual and mental health

3. Dr. Anita Phillips was Born into a Christian family on October 17th 1983, Currently she is 36 Years Old.

4. Dr. Anita encourages, educates, and empowers people of faith to prevent and respond to mental health issues in their lives and relationships.

5. She is 1.7m in height , with her brown skin and lovely shape.

6. She is a devoted christian and a preacher.

7. She is married to Pastor Michael Phillips , the Senior Pastor of Kingdom Life Church, a non-denominational congregation in Baltimore, Maryland

8. She is a mother of 2 Children.

9. You Can contact her by sending a mail to info@anitaphillips.com.

10. She is a lover of pets , her hobbies are travelling , preaching and meeting with young women.

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