10+ Great Facts: Biography Of ClassicBaggie , Net Worth , House , Cars


ClassicBaggie is a Nigerian industrialist Born on December 18, 1984 (35 Years) , His Real name is Ehonre Oluwaseun , Net Worth , House , Cars , Yahoo Boy , Wife , Children Other Facts Below:


10+ Great Facts About ClassicBaggie :

1. ClassicBaggie is not a yahoo boy , he is a Nigerian business tycoon, entrepreneur, industrialist, building magnate .

2. His Full Name is Ehonre Oluwaseun , he is from Edo State, in South-Western Nigeria.

3. He is the owner of Baggie Group , his businesses includes Baggie Construction, Baggie Automobile, Baggie Entertainment, Baggie Exchange & Finance..

4. Ehonre Oluwaseun traces his origin to Edo State, in South-Western Nigeria

5. Ehonre Oluwaseun has demonstrated proven capability in Real Estate Construction project & management

6. He is married with 2 Lovely Kids

7. He is 1.8m in height , with chubby body.

8. He owns Fleet of Cars and a mansion in Lekki and Victoria Island Lagos State.

9. In further recognition of his many contributions to the economic & social development of Nigeria & his commitment to good causes and the Nigerian nation, as a philanthropist, he is active in several social & religious endeavors.

10. Ehonre Oluwaseun entrepreneurial bent led to his founding of the Baggie Construction Limited, an integrated building & construction firm that has been engaged in major assignments in key economic sectors.

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