Full List Of Apostle Joshua Selman Books (2011 – 2020)

Apostle Joshua Selman Books
Apostle Joshua Selman Books

Apostle Joshua Selman Books are set of PDF and Free Ebooks shared by Founder of Koinonia Network International , These Books are not for sale because they are delivered as Audio Talks.

We have so many Magazines Published by Apostle Joshua Selman and other Koinonia Team Members.

We are here to tell you that online we have more than 400 Messages shared by Apostle Joshua Selman.

Apostle Joshua Selman Books
Apostle Joshua Selman Books

This messages are available for Download for Free.

This messages can also be converted to Free Ebooks or PDF Files.

Below is the List of Non Converted Messages By Apostle Joshua Selman , which you can listen to and build your spiritual life.

List Of Top 10 Apostle Joshua Selman Books In Audio Formats (2011 – 2020):

Audio Book #1: A Call to Deeper Realms By Apostle Joshua Selman

You weren’t created to go through life defeated, condemned, guilty. God created you to be victorious, to leave your mark, to set new standards.

Audio Book #2: A Discussion on Kingdom Truths By Apostle Joshua Selman

When you’re positive, hopeful, full of praise, you’re in God’s territory. The enemy can’t touch you. He can’t cross that line.

Audio Book #3: A Night of Prevailing Prayers By Apostle Joshua Selman

Our words have the power to lift people up, help them get through a challenge, and to push them toward their destiny.

Audio Book #4: A Night of Supernatural Visitation By Apostle Joshua Selman

You are one decision away from seeing God show out in your life. Arise, shake off the guilt, quit believing those lies that you’ve seen your best days, and start heading back to your Father’s house.

Audio Book #5: A Witness to the Truth By Apostle Joshua Selman

Don’t go to God weak, intimidated, telling Him how you don’t measure up. Go boldly. Go with confidence, knowing that you’re forgiven, knowing that He’s for you.

Audio Book #6: Above the Storms By Apostle Joshua Selman

You’re not worthy because of what you did or didn’t do; you’re worthy because of what Jesus did.

Audio Book #7: Accessing the Deep Things of God By Apostle Joshua Selman

There’s no use in living condemned. God’s mercy has covered everything you’ve done wrong. If you want to get God’s attention, start speaking the language of faith. “Father, thank You that You’re not counting my sins against me. Thank You that I’m covered by Your mercy.”

Audio Book #8: Activating Breakthroughs (The Ministry of Destiny Helpers) By Apostle Joshua Selman

Don’t go through life beating yourself up, thinking about everything you’ve done wrong, dwelling on your mistakes and failures. The moment you asked God to forgive you, He forgave you.

Audio Book #9: Admonitions By Apostle Joshua Selman

It takes faith not to just believe for your dreams, but to believe that you’re forgiven, that you’re redeemed, that you’re worthy. Don’t let the accuser deceive you into going through life with no passion, thinking you’ve blown it too many times. Your record has been cleared.

Audio Book #10: Altars and Foundations By Apostle Joshua Selman

When the Lord God Almighty shows up, what’s impossible becomes possible. What He’s destined for your life will come to pass.

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