We started this Topic because i Receive a main from a member request the Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons for 2019 – 2020 which is called Messages in PDF , or PODCAST.

Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons
Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons

Here in south Africa we all know that Pastor Alph lukau is one of the Great Prophets , below is the list of Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons:

Enjoy and share.

#1 Defeating Witchcraft | Pastor Alph Lukau | Sunday 26 May 2019 | 2nd Service | AMI LIVESTREAM

Sometimes we wonder why we’re not seeing growth, why we’re not seeing favor. “God, why aren’t You working?” Check your soil. Has it become contaminated? Who are you spending your time with? What are you giving your attention to? You can’t watch the news all the time and expect to live a positive, faith-filled life. After about twenty minutes, you’re going to be depressed. Pay attention to your environment. A seed can’t grow in negative soil. What are you taking in all day?

#2 SHOCKING PROPHECY that proves Pastor Alph Lukau IS NOT A HUMAN.

You may have been surrounded by people that didn’t support you; instead of telling you what you could become, they told you what you couldn’t do, why you weren’t going to be successful. You didn’t have any choice; it’s how you were raised. The good news is that it doesn’t have to stop you. If you’ll put yourself in a different environment—with can do people, with possibility thinking people, with friends that challenge and inspire, with people that push you up—then those seeds will take root, and you will began to blossom. You can still see the fullness of your destiny.

#3 SHOCKING!! A SPY Husband Hiding in the Crowd LOCATED by Pastor Alph Lukau

The critics, the naysayers, are a dime a dozen. Eighty percent will tell you what you can’t do. You have to find the twenty percent that will tell you what you can do. The majority won’t encourage you; they won’t see what you see. You have to find the minority.


You need to pull up some weeds. Quit hanging out with people that bring out the worst in you, that cause you to compromisem, that make you discouraged, that talk you out of your dreams. Their negativity is contaminating your soil. Your destiny is too great to waste it with people that are not adding value to your life.

#5 UNBELIEVABLE!! A FIGHT breaks out in AMI – Accurate Prophecy with Alph LUKAU

You can have a good seed that’s healthy, strong, and full of potential, but if it’s not planted in good soil, it’s not going to become what it was created to be. It’s the same principle in life. You’re a seed. You are full of gifts, talents, potential. But if you plant yourself in unhealthy soil—if you hang around friends that compromise and pull you down, if you’re in an environment with limited mindsets where people tell you what you can’t do and how you’ll never accomplish your dreams—then you won’t see the growth that you should.


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