20 Powerful Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons Of Alleluia Ministries International

Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons

Pastor Alph Lukau SermonsPastor Alph Lukau is the Founder of Alleluia Ministries International , The Popular Miracles which can be called Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons.

They can be downloaded as PDF , MP4 Video , MP3 and Other Formats.

The Great man of God became popular after his viral video of Raising the dead which many believed to be fake.

These are the latest and popular Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons released between 2018 – 2019.

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List Of Top 20 Pastor Alph Lukau Sermons:

Table of Contents

Sermons #1 : SHOCKING PROPHECY that proves Pastor Alph Lukau IS NOT A HUMAN.

Sermons #2 : SHOCKING!! A SPY Husband Hiding in the Crowd LOCATED by Pastor Alph Lukau

Sermons #3 : UNBELIEVABLE: FAKE PASTOR EXPOSED in AMI – Accurate Prophecy with Alph LUKAU

Sermons #4 : UNBELIEVABLE!! A FIGHT breaks out in AMI – Accurate Prophecy with Alph LUKAU

Sermons #5 : God reveals the father of her child after being unknown (Accurate prophecy with Alph LUKAU)

Sermons #6 : NOT SEEN BEFORE: Pastor Alph LUKAU gives a man a wife right in Church

Sermons #7 : Hairdresser BEWITCHES client to SNATCH HER HUSBAND – Accurate Prophecy with Alph LUKAU

Sermons #8 : A doubtful woman publicly CHALLENGES Pastor Alph Lukau

Sermons #9 : MUST WATCH! Yellow Hair MERMAID 🧜‍♀ spirit caught in the church

Sermons #10 : Outstanding Prophecies with Alph LUKAU

Sermons #11 : Former prostitute gets engaged in church – Testimony with Alph LUKAU


Sermons #13 : UNBELIEVABLE ! He killed 400 people 😲. Now they want his ONLY son.

Sermons #14 : MUST WATCH: WOMAN SUCKS PEOPLE’s BLOOD FOR WEALTH (prayed for by Pastor Alph Lukau)

Sermons #15 : AMAZING: This Pastor thought that PROPHETS ARE FAKE until he met Ps Alph Lukau

Sermons #16 : Prophetic Moments with Pastor Alph Lukau | Friday 17/08/2018 | AMI LIVESTREAM

Sermons #17 : HOMOS3XUAL PR0STITUTE boy who sleeps with countless Men a Day delivered – Prophecy with Alph Lukau

Sermons #18 : Young orphan forced to sleep with a 74 year old Man for survival

Sermons #19 : UNBELIEVABLE! A woman DEAD SHOCKED. By Pst Alph Lukau

Sermons #20 : Astonishing prophecies by Pastor Alph LUKAU

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