20 Best Funeral Sermons To Preach On The Day Of Burial

Best Funeral Sermons

Best Funeral SermonsThe Death of a Loved One is not what we pray for , Here are the 20 Best Funeral Sermons To Preach On The Day Of Burial.

May God give all of us a long lasting life , none of us will bury our loved ones , May God give you heart to bear the loss.

The sermons below are randomly selected and they are very powerful to console the family and friends of the deceased.

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Note that one day all of of we die so as you bury the dead , pray for your happy and great ending.

Share this sermon to anyone who is mourning his or her lost one to enlighten the soul and body.

List Of Top 20 Best Funeral Sermons:

Funeral Sermon “Somethings We Need To Know”(1/2)

A Funeral Sermon to Remember

What should a Christian pastor say at a funeral?

Dr Lawrence Tetteh’s full sermon at Ebony’s funeral

“It’s In The Contract”: Ernest Smiley Homegoing Sermon

Rev. Otis Moss III speaks at the funeral of Dr. Samuel Huffman

“Where is the Sting of Death” Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.

“Coping With The Death of A Loved One” Timothy Flemming – The Greatest Sermon Ever on Death 1998

Funeral Sermon on Psalm 23

Whitney Houston Funeral – T.D. Jakes: DEATH HAD WON BUT (Love will last forever)

Biblical Comfort for those who Mourn

Grieving with Hope – 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Sermon – Jesus Preaches a Funeral (John 11:17-27)

Rosetta Mayne Funeral Sermon. Nov 2014. Till that Day!

Dad’s Funeral Sermon Hebrews Ch 9 V 27 Will you be ready when it’s your time.

The best encouragement message ever



Cliff Parks Jr. Preaching The Best Funeral Service Ever

Pastor Motsamai’s powerful sermon at the late Tabane’s funeral service

Well Done, Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley, Part I

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